Lost Bread

The Cafe 

Up the small steps, through the blue door, is the Blue Moon Cafe. Located in the city of Baltimore, the rhythm of this cozy, local diner welcomes you in. Their french toast dish is a best seller. Tables order it as an appetizer, couples for sharing, and I follow suit to see what all the craze is about.

Me & my friend Stephanie @ the Blue Moon Cafe

The Captain  

It is delightful,  every crunchy, sweet bite.  When I was young my dad often made us french toast. Nothing went to waste in our house; not even stale, old, soon to be moldy bread ends (hence the French name for french toast ‘pain perdue’ or lost bread). This isn’t my dad’s lost bread, this is Cap’n Crunch French Toast, and it’s incredible.

My Cap’n Crunch French Toast

The Crunch

The fresh fruit and cool whipped topping perfectly complement the warm toast it sits atop. It creates a perfect combination of crunchy and soft textures. Be warned, you will love it and be tempted to eat every morsel. French toast is not my top choice for breakfast, but I give this dish a 5-star rating.

What breakfast diners do you recommend in your neck of the woods?


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