Closing Time

I quit my job, now what?

It’s a loaded question.  One I’ve been asked many times over the past few weeks. People want to know “what are your plans?” Truth is, I am not precisely sure. I’ve always enjoyed exploring new places, but this is about more than travel.

Feeling like royalty (Machillipatnam, India)

Imagine you’re dead

I did an activity about 10 years ago in a small group setting, where the leader asked: “How do you want to be remembered when they read your eulogy?” I said, “as a humanitarian.” For me, being a humanitarian means creating opportunities for people to live their best life. It means building meaningful relationships and connecting people to resources and to each other. 

About a year ago, I started expressing to family and close friends the desire to leave my successful career in the corporate world to focus on humanitarian efforts. I figured I should warm people up, admittedly it’s a little wonky.  As a westerner, being an achiever is ingrained in my mentality. I expected opinions and questions. I received many of those, but thankfully I also received an enormous amount of encouragement and support.

Backpack & Brick Streets (Annecy, France)

Closing Time

Closing doors, to open new ones, is challenging. Embarking on this chapter is emotional. I’m talking raccoon eyes from mascara muddled tears (not a pretty sight). Leaving behind a season, to move into a different one is more painful than I anticipated, but I am trying not to be a wuss about it. 

I remember what my boss told me on my last day of work, as we tried to keep an emotional moment as professional as possible (something I was never really that good at). She said, “you never really leave a place or people you love. When you go, you leave a piece of yourself, and you take a piece with you.” She is right.

How do you want to be remembered when they read your eulogy? 

5 thoughts on “Closing Time

  1. Hi Sue, thanks for asking a tough question. I’m in my middish 50s so its a question i should consider.
    I believe i want people to know that i tried really hard to be a nice person in my relationships. Yes, i missed the mark more times than i care to admit, lets face it, good looks is not a character trait so… 😂 No help there, but seriously, being loving, kind, non judgemental, generous and empathic i believe is a gift, a legacy worth working hard at leaving behind. I ‘ve found that my faith in Christ pushes me unward even when i do make a mess . It also helps to know that HE(Christ) does not keep scores. Thanks babes for being brave

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    1. You will leave an amazing legacy and even now it is continuously increasing. It really is good to know that God isn’t keeping score. Thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot! Love you ❤


  2. Hey Suzy,
    You’re blog means so much to me. I cam truly ifentify with the pain of leaving everything behind to achieve my dreams, but most importantly the dreams of others. I want to encourage you as you take these hard steps towards your goals. Every momemt that you smile and make someone smile is another step achieved. I have always used that same line about how I want to be remembered when they read my eulogy. You are well on your way to being a pioneer hunny. Keep going, be strong and keep that beautiful inspiring smile on your face. We are here to serve a true purpose. ❤😘

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