Sugar Pot Ruins

Tucked away in Rio Nuevo (St. Mary, Jamaica) is this gem, Sugar Pot Ruins. My dad isn’t particular about much, but when it comes to the beach he is a snob (the water has to be clear blue, and the food had better be tasty, and ready quickly after ordering). The fact that he likes this joint means it’s worth a visit.

Perched happily on a tree trunk at Sugar Pot Ruins

The Sugar

Close to Ocho Rios, this hideaway is far from the hustle and bustle. It’s off a bumpy (pot hole infested) road. Like most hidden beauties on my island, you wonder if you’re going the right way at least once before you get there.

Enjoying the summer heat at Sugar Pot Ruins

The Ruins

The entrance to the beach boasts an almost 300-year-old sugar pot, not an item one typically sees on a beach (or anywhere for that matter). The property has two such pots, remnants of what is suspected to be a rich history. Over the years my family and I have enjoyed this secluded spot, and the owners have taken care to improve it bit by bit.

Source: Sugar Pot Ruins FB

They have kept the ruins and made something beautiful of what could have been viewed as a dump. That’s one my favorite things about this spot, it’s rough around the edges, not nearly polished, rural and feels authentic; all adjectives that resonate with me.

The Beach

My dad taking a swim in the perfect piece of the Caribbean Sea, that is Sugar Pot Ruins Beach

Every time we visit this beach, it’s better. I can tell the owners diligently work on making improvements. Most things, ourselves included, are a work in progress. This quaint spot reminds me of my nature, as I learn to appreciate my rustic qualities while daily seeking ways to grow (and get better).

What are some of your favorite rustic spots?

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