Wine Not?

There is a little gem, in the heart of Winter Park, FL that every wine lover (in the Orlando area) should visit. Wine Room was established for those who enjoy variety. If you are easily overwhelmed by lots of options, brace yourself before entering into a room with 148 wines on tap

FullSizeRender (3)
Charcuterie & Cheese from Wine Room


As you steadily work your way through the libations, you will likely feel peckish as you glance the plates of others, featuring fresh cheese, meats, and pastry. A personal fav is their Baked Brie, of which there are several expressions ranging from sweet to savory.

Blueberry & Cardamom Baked Brie


Depending on the day and time, this place can get pretty packed. If you prefer to lounge about, with plenty of space and freedom to prance from wine to wine, do not go on a Friday or Saturday night. Unless you go early, you will likely have difficulty finding seating and moving about can be a little close for comfort.
I enjoy this spot any day of the week, whether it’s Monday through Thursday (quiet, comfortable and perfect for date night) or Friday and Saturday nights when it’s lively. You should try both options and see which you like best, wine not?

Where are your favorite wine bars?

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