Waffle Whimsy

There is a waffle bar where my friends and I dined twice in one day while visiting Vancouver, Canada. Since waffles aren’t exactly health food, there is slight shame in this confession (sorry, not sorry). If you like waffles, Nero Belgian Waffle Bar is a must.

1st Visit| Breakfast

The joint opens at 11:00 AM, at 10:50 AM there are already hungry belly people standing outside (my friends and I included). Located on Robson Street, this quaint cafe is worth the wait. As we step into the waffle house the aroma of delicious sugary dough being baked in cast iron is intoxicating.

Liege Waffle & London Fog (mine, mine, mine)

IMG_2828This soft waffle, laced with pearl sugar was perfectly baked. Each slightly sweet bite melted in my mouth. Warm and delightful, this hit the spot for me. My London Fog was warm, with a hint of lavender that gave me a cozy feeling. It had a beautiful creaminess, that enhanced the natural flavors of the black tea. I opted for a simple breakfast. My friend, on the other hand, decided on a more complex treat.

Parisienne (not mine, gifted with a couple bites)

FullSizeRender (6)Brie cheese, walnuts and honey on a light and crispy waffle. This savory dish is quite a mouth full. The brie is a little melty on the warm Brussels waffle and paired with the crunch of the walnuts makes a wonderful texture in each bite. The honey adds the perfect touch of sweet, making this extraordinarily tasty. 

2nd Visit| Dessert (after dinner)

It’s about 9:00 pm, it’s cool outside and we are walking up Robson Street, working off the dumplings we just gobbled at Dinesty (another yummy spot). A familiar smell of baked dough filled the air casting a spell and leading us right back to Nero, where we shared a little piece of heaven.


FullSizeRender (5)A Brussels Waffle topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, and Belgian Speculoos Cookie Spread. This dish is wickedly sweet, I recommend sharing. We shared two between 5 of us. It was the perfect nightcap.


FullSizeRender (7)
Nero on a Summer Night


Ever visited the same restaurant twice in one day?

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