Assault by Apathy

The Dumps

I sometimes experience apathy: a lack of enthusiasm for everyone and everything. I am typically a pretty passionate person. Distancing myself from loved ones isn’t normal behavior. Losing interest in things that typically excite me is a red flag. When I exhibit this behavior I pay attention.

Apathy can turn into isolation and pummel me into the dumps (depression, anxiety, emptiness). Sometimes feeling down is a normal, healthy reaction to circumstances. Other times it’s because of the assault by an uninvited guest, such as apathy.

pexels-photo-96405The Defense

Fighting the lack of care is difficult.  To shake the feeling requires taking intentional steps. I created an acronym, G.R.A.C.E, to remind myself how to defend against apathy:

  1. Gratitude- I imagine that everything I don’t actively appreciate today will disappear tomorrow.  I don’t have to identify many before gratefulness emerges. 
  2. Reach out– I tell someone how I feel. Though in the moment I may feel distant from others, I choose one safe person and let them know what I’m experiencing. Handling apathy alone only leads to loneliness and depression. 
  3. Activity– I do exactly the thing I don’t want to do, be active.  Whether it’s a solo activity like getting exercise or planning an outing with friends. I push myself to get out and do something that goes against my mood.
  4. Creativity– I spend time creating something: cooking, journaling, drawing, taking pictures, organizing, crafting, coloring, choreographing a dance in my PJs, etc. Letting creative juices flow is known to enhance well being. It feels good.
  5. Encouragement- I find someone to encourage. I take my attention off my own circumstances and focus on someone else’s need. Serving others often fills me up with positivity and offers a different perspective.


The Deliverance

These steps don’t always pinpoint when or how mental and spiritual sloth began. However, working through these steps helps me get to the place where I am able to tackle (and care about) the hard questions: What caused apathy and how can I avoid it coming back?

The answers to these questions will be unique to each of our circumstances. The ultimate deliverance from apathy is living a purpose filled life. Each day I spend following G.R.A.C.E and remembering my purpose is a day apathy can’t get in. You have a unique purpose, don’t let apathy snuff it out.

sea-black-and-white-weather-oceanHave you ever felt apathy? How do you snap out of it?

12 thoughts on “Assault by Apathy

  1. I paint collaborative artwork with my dearest friend (cocktail glass or a boat heading into the sunset). I’ll make a point to laugh either alone or with someone else. I force myself to tidy up even if it’s already “decent.” I go for a walk. Or a jog. I’ll do Pilates. Take a self care day- handle my talons; soak my feet; wear a face/hair mask for inordinate lengths of time. Sometimes I take myself to a movie. Just me. Just FOR me. But the No-Fail remedy is heading to the ocean with… ♡

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  2. Hey Suzie, a really nice read. For me it’s first expression that counts. One of my failings. So yours was a really nice read. But beyond expression it obviously has an encouraging message for readers. And there you scored again. Will try to keep up with you. But you have the gift of writing. So blogging is a natural and compelling outlet for you. Much love. Uncle J ( stands for Jack).

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  3. Snapping out of it is something I haven’t quite figured out. I just have to make the feeling pass. I often try and talk myself out and remind myself about how many things I’m grateful for and why I shouldn’t feel this way but it doesn’t always work. I will sometimes read or watch a movie to distract myself from the sadness. It’s a work in progress.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Mal! Yes, it sure is a work in progress, isn’t it? Agreed that some of the things we do to feel better really are just distractions. Nothing cures apathy like knowing and living in our purpose ❤


  4. Not only is it an excellent read but it offers practical applications G.R.A.C.E. My personal favorites are gratitude and encouragement . Thanks for the insights ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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