Irmageddon: Uncertain not Unsettled


Waiting for Hurricane Irma, unsure of how hard she will hit and how long she will last, is at best annoying and at worst utter torture.  Watching the hurricane approach Florida, and destroy everything in her path, has us all a little uneasy. People are savage (if only the supermarket shelves could tell their tales) and the meme world has gone bonkers, but Irma really is no joke. I am scheduled to fly out of Orlando International Airport with a mission team on Saturday evening to Northern Ireland, but packing plans have been interrupted by a hurricane preparedness list.


Uncertain not Unsettled

The mixture of excitement for the trip ahead and uncertainty about the how the storm will affect my city (and possibly our flight out) has my stomach a little queasy. Though our flight is still a go, I am fighting feelings of apprehension due to the storm. Fuzziness around plans and an impending storm, it’s the perfect environment for anxiety to flourish. Uncertainty can quickly lead to worry, which left unchecked can cause one to feel unsettled. Becoming unsettled compounds tough situations, leading to panic, feelings of being overwhelmed and eventually hysteria. 


Stay Grounded

As cortisol levels rise, people are fleeing the state while others prepare to hunker down, and we all brace ourselves for the effects of Irma. My goal is to stay grounded. For me, staying grounded means not allowing this circumstance to create anxiety. For others, it may mean not letting Irma make them grumpy because of the work that goes into preparedness. For you, it may mean not giving into misery as you wait for Irma’s arrival, or not getting ticked at the inconvenience of fleeing from her, if you are headed out of state. As we face heightened emotions this week, reacting with panic, anxiety or fear won’t serve us.  As this storm stirs us up, let us be prayerful and vigilant; preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.


How is Irma stirring things up in your neck of the woods?

One thought on “Irmageddon: Uncertain not Unsettled

  1. Aftermath stages taking place now, fortunately Orlando is still “The City Beautiful” and many are patiently waiting for power. Today was absolutely beautiful and I could tell that people were happy the sun was shining.


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