New Orleans Strolling

New Orleans

A city that is everything but simple. Rather, it boasts complex layers and multiple influences spun into a beautifully eclectic culture. It has the delicious ambiance of a melting pot, decorated with elaborate flowers and gypsy beads. Its historic atmosphere is like a breath of fresh air, down a haunted alley. The smell of pralines, beignets, coffee, liquor, and dust (due to ongoing construction) lingers, inviting you to participate in all the city has to offer.

12 Captured NOLA Moments

I landed at 8:30 AM on a chilly Sunday morning, explored the city for 12 hours, then hopped on a flight out at 9:00 PM. The trip was short, but couldn’t have been sweeter. Here’s a glimpse of a few of my favorite NOLA moments.

St. Louis Cathedral
Masks and beads shop
FullSizeRender (40)
French Quarter Magic
FullSizeRender (41)
NOLA Balcony views
Jackson Square
NOLA Strolling
FullSizeRender (37)
On Sundays, everyone in NOLA is a Saint (Who ‘dat?)
FullSizeRender (38)
Italia, St. Louis Cemetary No. 1
Voodoo window views
FullSizeRender (39)
Iron like lace
Ruby Slippers

Which of these photos is your fav and why?

3 thoughts on “New Orleans Strolling

  1. Loved this place as well, a group of us spent 3 days there last year and it was just magical. Did u get a chance to have a beignet ??? Sooooo gd !


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