Heavenly Hair from a Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Ingredients:

Coconut oil,  Grapeseed Oil, Black Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Black Jamaican Castor Oil infused with Lavender. Each of these oils adds unique value to the blend and works magic on hair that needs hydration.


The Subject:

Selah Fe, who has a beautiful head of curls and coils. After a week filled with playing outdoors, birthday parties and rolling about in the grass with friends, her hair was ready to drink up the moisture from these oils.  The night before this hot oil treatment her mom used a leave-in conditioner with a little water to start the detangling process.


Step By Step, Curl by Curl

  1. Heat Hot Oil Treatment in the microwave and massage into hair and scalp (you don’t want it scalding hot, but warm to the scalp when massaging)
  2. Leave for 20-30 minutes, covered (we didn’t have disposable shower caps, so we got creative and used saran wrap, a grocery bag can work too)
  3. Shampoo, Condition and Style hair as usual




Before & After



Other Products we used in Selah’s hair for cleansing and styling:


In all these pictures her hair is partially wet, so you can still see some product sitting on the hair. Within a couple hours of styling, her hair will try, leaving no residue. This treatment can be used for any hair type, as a pre-poo treatment. For hair like Selah’s, thick and curly, this easy wash and go style should last up to 7 days and I recommend doing a hot oil treatment once every two weeks.

yours truly,


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