Travel to Jamaica w/ Yours Truly

I am currently planning an epic immersive experience into Jamaican culture, for 8-10 interested people. Indulge in a week-long stay in Jamaica, exploring and enjoying the country like a local.


What makes this trip special?

Guided by a local, yours truly Suzy, this trip is a unique boutique travel adventure that will take you on the journey of a lifetime. Come with me to some of my favorite hidden gems around the island, including waterfalls, pristine beaches, majestic mountains and delicious local restaurants and bars. The best part: this trip will also include opportunities to give back to the community, by participating in planned group activities sponsored by non-profit organizations geared towards enriching the island.
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General Itinerary:

Travelers will experience 3 parishes of the island, staying at luxury villas and Airbnbs. There will be plenty opportunity to meet and interact with locals, as well as excursions to popular tourist attractions. Travelers will have the opportunity to spend approximately 25% of their time on community service. The trip is all-inclusive of airfare, accommodation, transportation, excursions and some family-style meals.
I will be sharing more details, including dates and cost in upcoming weeks. Spots are limited if you are interested click here to be kept informed of details. I promise, no spam.
yours truly,

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