Hanging out with friends at an orphanage in Machilipatnam, India

Who Am I? 

My name is Suzy and I was raised in Jamaica. I moved to the U.S. several years ago to pursue higher education and a career in the corporate world. About a year ago, I made a brave decision. I left the security of my corporate job, to pursue a different lifestyle. I desired to live a life filled with travel, remote work, exploring other cultures and short-term mission trips. Doing this meant taking risks and being intentional about creating a new existence. Choosing to make the change was freaking hard and scary, but totally worth it. 

What’s my blog about?

I share pics and write about travel, yummy food, learning from life’s everyday adventures, and other random nuggets. I share my journey, both physical and spiritual, including my experiences as they relate to mental health. I discuss how I’ve learned to regulate my emotions, navigate fear (and other pesky devils), to live a life to the full.